1st look: Mace Windu protects a galactic secret in Marvel Comics' new solo 'Star Wars' series

Mace Windu, that purple light saber-swinging Jedi Master who stood toe-to-toe with the devious Darth Sidious in 2005’s “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” until falling to his apparent death from a Coruscant skyscraper, is rising in estimation amid that well-traveled galaxy far, far away with a recent hardcover novel announced and now Marvel Comics bestowing the agile swordsman with his very own solo series.

Written by Marc Bernardin and fortified with interior art by Georges Jeanty and a Mateus Manhanni main cover, “Star Wars: Mace Windu #1” hits newsstands and comics shops on Feb. 7.

Sure, we all know of Windu’s wisdom on full display as part of the Jedi Council and his exploits at the Battle of Geonosis in taking down Jango Fett, but his daring deeds of the past are somewhat murky, making this special 4-issue project an interesting examination of the character’s true origins.

As portrayed on screen by Samuel L. Jackson, Windu has become a fan favorite lately and this miniseries should provide faithful with a fleshed out backstory of their hero.

Here’s the official synopsis:


“Even in the years before The Clone Wars, Mace Windu was known for his discipline, determination and combat skills. When a scientist’s discovery threatens the balance of the galaxy, Mace is led down a treacherous path of mystery and action. Introducing Azita Cruuz, a pirate with a deadly secret, who the Hutts and the Republic will stop at nothing to control!”

In our dynamic 5-page preview in the full gallery above, Mace Windu surfaces from the choppy waters of the ocean moon of Devshi where he’s on a dangerous mission to track down a group of convict droids who’ve just escaped from an underwater prison. He enlists the help of a reluctant alien skiff pilot named Regump and conjures a bit of Force magic to set off across the waves after five renegade robots.

Marvel Comics’ “Star Wars: Mace Windu #1” arrives on Feb. 7, 2024.

Source: Space.com

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