'Starfield' spacesuit contest: ESA and Xbox will build the winner their own custom design (video)

While working in the most hazardous environments known to humankind, it’s vital that intrepid astronauts and brave galactic voyagers not only have the skills, training and courage to execute their mission objectives in extreme conditions, but they should also look darn good while doing it!  

The sci-fi gaming world is well aware of this universal maxim and has always had its fair share of awesome spacesuit designs as seen in popular video game titles like “Starfield,” “Mass Effect,” “Halo,” “Destiny,” “Dead Space,” “Gears of War,” and countless others featuring the cold black abyss of space.

Now Xbox, Microsoft’s “Starfield,” and the ESA (European Space Agency) want to tap your brain for cool spacesuits and have partnered up to offer prizes and rewards for creative fans who submit a winning entry that, if picked as the top suit, can be privately worn at home for stylish space venturing. 

In concocting their own original spacesuit that players would love to slip into while encountering some remote exoplanet or rogue asteroid, “Starfield” fans become eligible to earn prizes and one-of-a-kind rewards. Contestants should ask themselves how their design reflects their personal style and individuality as they envision themselves on thrilling enterprises centered around daring cosmic discovery.

Here are the rules and instructions found at the official contest site:

“Start by downloading the template below. Either edit the template directly or use it as creative inspiration with your own template submission. Just ensure your static visual designs show the full body front and back, and side views, and features no weapons. Include a short description of your design and your choices in both color and design materials.

“Submit your finished entry by 8:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Feb. 24, 2024 as a PDF, JPEG, PNG, or PPT file format. Don’t forget, your file cannot exceed 10MB, and all design images must be static.”

As the ultimate reward for envisioning the most imaginative sci-fi design, the lucky winner of the “Starfield” spacesuit contest will have their customized spacesuit fabricated in real-life and sent to them to wear and keep. They’ll also be awarded an Xbox Series X, and a Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Headset.

All the entries will be judged by a pro panel including representatives from ESA. 

Source: Space.com

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