Hurry to save a whopping 50% on this Lego Marvel Iron Man Armory for Cyber Monday

Why settle for just one Iron Man when you can have several? 

Walmart has a fantastic deal on the Lego Marvel Iron Man Armory this Cyber Monday: it’s usually $89.99, but right now it’s available for just $45, making it half price.

Oh yes: 50% off a Lego set! We love to see it. From Lego’s Infinity Saga range, this playset lets kids and the young-at-heart construct their own brick-built version of Iron Man’s armory. Inside you’ll find eight minifigures, some of which are different versions of Tony Stark’s iconic suit.

There’s one very good reason for picking up this set: it’s been around since June 2022, so it’s likely close to retirement. In fact, on Lego’s own store, it’s marked as “sold out”, which often means it won’t be coming back into stock. 

Is this one of the best Lego Marvel sets you can buy? Perhaps not: with an suggested retail price of $89.99, we’ve always thought this set to be a little on the pricey side. But with 50% off, it’s suddenly become a bargain. It’s worth that price for the minifigures alone – five of them are unique to this set and can’t be found anywhere else.

Lego Marvel Iron Man Armory: was $89.99 now $44.99 at Walmart

Save 50% on this fantastic Infinity Saga-themed Lego playset at Walmart. That’s an incredible saving of $45, the cheapest we’ve ever seen this set. The highlight is of course the different versions of Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man suit that’s included here.

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Made up of 496 pieces, the Lego Marvel Iron Man Armory set isn’t the most complex. But it is a fun playset. Inside you’ll find an armory stand where Tony Stark’s suits can hang. There’s also a workshop stocked with numerous tools – including a robot assistant arm. There’s also a brick-built sports car.

If you’re a fan of the Iron Man and Avengers movies you’ll appreciate some of the realistic details that have been included. Many of the tools you’ll find here are authentic from the movies, and you’ll also get a kick out of the mini Stark Expo model map.

The highlight of the set, though, is undoubtedly the minifigures. Eight of them are included: there’s Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, War Machine, Whiplash and three versions of the Iron Man suit: MK3, MK25 and MK85.

This isn’t going to satisfy expert Lego builders: the Iron Man Armory is certainly more of a playset. But collectors might appreciate the five unique minifigures up for grabs here.

Key Specs: 496 pieces, eight minifigures including three unique Iron Man suits, printed instructions included in the box, designed for ages 7 and above, set number 76216

Consensus: This is a pretty simple set, but it’s a must for any Marvel fan thanks to its unique minifigures and multiple versions of Iron Man. At $89.99 it was a little overpriced, but with 50% off it’s a steal.

Buy if: You’re shopping for a young Marvel fan who enjoys simpler Lego builders, or if you’re a minifigure collector – bonus if you love Iron Man.

Don’t buy if: Minifigures aren’t your thing, and you prefer more complex, detailed Lego builds.

Alternative models: If you’d prefer a more complex, aimed-at-adults building process for a similar budget, we recommend checking out the Lego Marvel Carnage head. But when it comes to the best Lego Marvel sets, you can’t beat the Sanctum Sanctorum – Iron Man’s in there, too, with all his pals.

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