R2-D2 and Chopper return in 'Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad #1'

R2-D2 is back alongside some of the most well-known droids in the “Star Wars” universe.

Marvel Comics is dipping into the sinister side of droids for their new horror-laced crossover title “Star Wars: Dark Droids,” written by Charles Soule (“Star Wars: The High Republic”) with art from Luke Ross (“Green Lantern,” “Star Wars: Darth Maul”), and now the first limited series spinoff is coming to our planet on September 20. 

“Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad” showcases a freshly-recruited droid dream team similar to the crew R2-D2 commanded in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” In the main overarching storyline, a dangerous and mysterious force known as the Scourge begins to infect droids, cyborgs, and mechanical entities in the galaxy far, far away.

This new 4-issue companion miniseries is written by Marc Guggenheim (“Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow”) with interior artwork courtesy of Salva Espín and David Messina, and a main cover by Aaron Kuder.

Artoo’s new roster of adventurous droids rounded up to clash with the Scourge includes IG-88, 4-LOM, WAC-47, BT-1 and 000. “D-Squad’s” premiere issue also contains a cameo from “Star Wars Rebels'” Chopper, and a 10-page B-story showcasing Ajax Sigma, a charismatic droid from 2022’s “Star Wars: Revelations #1.”

“‘D-Squad’ picks up directly after the events of ‘Dark Droids’ issue 2,” Guggenheim told StarWars.com. “Without spoiling that issue, suffice it to say, that the corruption that is affecting droids throughout the galaxy is made apparent to R2-D2 in a very pointed and personal way. We pick up in the aftermath of that development and with Artoo realizing that he’s going to need some help if he’s going to fight back against this menace.”

Check out this 6-page peek inside the debut issue:


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Guggenheim admits that it’s a major challenge to write a comic where nearly all your cast speaks an untranslatable language. 

“At the same time, though, that’s part of the fun. In the series, we have entire pages where it’s just droids speaking to each other in binary. Fortunately, we have the perfect artist in Salva Espín. I’ve remarked numerous times to the editors that I’ve never seen a better match of artist and material. In the hands of a lesser artist, the whole story would probably collapse in on itself.”

Marvel’s “Star Wars: Dark Droids: D-Squad #1” releases on Sept.  20, 2023.

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