This Lego Star Wars Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter is 20% off for Black Friday

An epic Lego Star Wars vehicle deal just cruised into view for Black Friday.

The Lego Star Wars Poe Dameron X-wing Fighter is on sale at Walmart now for $72.00. That’s a 20% savings over the usual price and given this spaceship is one of the more popular items among “Star Wars” vehicles, you’ll need to act fast before a Jedi mind trick happens and stock disappears.

Poe is one of the heroes of the sequel trilogy that finished its theater run in 2019, so this vehicle will be popular among younger viewers of the “Star Wars” universe. Additionally, the new franchise spinoff “The Book of Boba Fett” will drop on Disney Plus Dec. 29, adding to the popularity of the ongoing series “The Mandalorian.”

Older players will also like the nod to the original and prequel trilogies of “Star Wars”, as one of the minifigures with the set is the starring robot R2-D2. The set also includes Poe Dameron, a Knight of Ren and Jannah as starring prequel characters.


Lego Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter: $89.99 $72.00 at Walmart

Kids (or kids at heart) will adore this spaceship dedicated to Poe Dameron, the Resistance and the sequel trilogy of “Star Wars.” You’ll get several minifigures with the set, including the famous R2-D2 robot known to “Star Wars” fans of all ages. A minifigure cockpit and several shooting devices will add to the play experience.

At 761 pieces, this set is aimed at a slightly older child of about nine years or so. All Lego models come with intuitive, graphics-based instructions and often extra assistance is available in the Lego Life app, too (available for free on most major phones). But adults may want to hang around not only to help the kids, but to enjoy the experience of putting a sleek ship together.

This dark X-Wing first made an appearance in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and is a slightly different generation than the famous X-Wing that Jedi pilot Luke Skywalker used in the original trilogy. Lego, incidentally, has a deal on the Skywalker X-Wing too at Walmart.

The assembled ship includes a cockpit where you can insert your favorite minifigure, a spot for R2-D2 to help navigate, adjustable wings to get ready for attacks or relax in cruise mode, a retractable landing gear, and the requisite stud and spring-loaded shooters. If you want a sparring partner, we suggest picking up the on-sale TIE Fighter, which is one of the most durable ships out there for “Star Wars” fans.

While the set is built for young padawan Jedis to play with, the fighter plane will also look great on display. Given its size, it will be a dramatic centerpiece for your desk, bookshelf or mantle. The fighter measures 3x14x12 inches (8x37x32 cm) fully put together. 

Lego Star Wars vehicles are popular for holiday occasions and always sell out quickly when they are on special, so do nab this opportunity before it hyperdrives away. 

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