Watch BMX bike legend Terry Adams dance with the Harvest Moon (video)

Here’s the Harvest Moon as you’ve probably never seen it before — beneath the handlebars of a BMX icon.

Terry Adams, one of the best BMX trick riders in the world, danced on two wheels in the orange light of a rising Harvest Moon Thursday night (Oct. 1), as a new video shows. 

Adams did his thing in northwest Arkansas, rolling on a platform built into a scenic, bouldery shoulder of the Ozark Mountains.

“This project proves you can take flatland BMX anywhere in the world,” Adams said in a statement. “I’ve always dreamed about riding next to a cliff or edge of a mountain, so doing something so special feels like a dream come true.”

Adams is one of the pioneers of flatland, a BMX discipline that prizes artistic but tricky moves performed on flat, smooth ground. 

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox, which marks the beginning of fall. In the Northern Hemisphere this year, the autumnal equinox fell on Sept. 22. (It’s always right around this date; other options are Sept. 21 and Sept. 23.)

At this time of year, the moon rises around sunset for several days in a row. This extra source of light has long helped farmers work late into the evening hauling in their crops, which explains the Harvest Moon’s name.


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