Rocket Lab scrubs launch of 10 Earth-observation satellites due to sensor readings

Ten Earth-observation satellites will have to wait at least another day to get off the ground.

Rocket Lab scrubbed today’s (Oct. 21) planned liftoff of its “In Focus” mission, which will loft nine “SuperDove” cubesats for San Francisco-based company Planet and a microsatellite built by Japan’s Canon Electronics Inc. 

“We’re standing down from today’s attempt. Some sensors are returning data that we want to look into further. We have backup opportunities until Nov. 3. Stay tuned for updates on new launch date! #InFocus,” Rocket Lab said via Twitter this afternoon.

“In Focus” will launch atop an Electron booster from Rocket Lab’s New Zealand site. The company also has a newly built pad on Virginia’s Wallops Island, which is scheduled to host its first liftoff in the coming months

You can learn more about “In Focus” via Rocket Lab here. And you can watch the mission at, courtesy of Rocket Lab, whenever it ends up taking flight.


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