'Sims 4' brings the Force of 'Star Wars' with 'Journey to Batuu' expansion

The popular video game franchise “The Sims” lets players simulate dating, growing up, house-buying and adult chores. But now you can take that simulation to a whole new galaxy far, far away — the exciting realm of “Star Wars.”

A new expansion pack to “The Sims 4,” called “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu,” will let players create a unique story for their “Sims” — the playable characters in the game. The expansion will release on Sept. 8 for PC (via Origin and Steam, CDKeys), Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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A trailer for the game on YouTube shows a “Sim” called Cora getting an exclusive invitation via phone to visit Batuu, which quickly opened her eyes to new possibilities for exploration. “I mean, there were aliens, and droids, and blue milk!” the narrator says. 

The expansion pack, the game’s creators added, was inspired by “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” in Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. The theme part takes place on Batuu, which is faithfully recreated in the Sims 4 version.

Cora quickly integrates herself into her new surroundings, including chatting with an Abednedo, trying out different “Star Wars” fashion styles to fit in and visiting Oga’s Cantina. Before long, Cora finds out that the Resistance is working from just outside the city to fight against the First Order, which has taken up residence in one of the downtown sectors.

The trailer shows Cora building a droid friend, earning credits (money) and reputation through finishing missions, and of course using classic “Star Wars” hardware such as lightsabers and the famed Millennium Falcon spaceship.

“As a new visitor to Batuu, Sims can socialize with locals to understand why Batuu is unlike any other planet, and learn more about the forces fighting for its control. The Resistance, First Order and scoundrels aim to secure the upper hand of the Black Spire Outpost, and it is up to players and their Sims to determine who will succeed,” EA, Maxis and Lucasfilm said in a joint statement about the game.

“Sims can choose to support Rey and Vi Moradi as part of the Resistance, pledge allegiance to the First Order under Kylo Ren, or look to earn more credits with Hondo Ohnaka and the scoundrels. As Sims embark on exciting missions, they’ll increase their reputation, unlock iconic artifacts, equipment, new outfits and critical story missions that will influence changes to the world and tip the balance of power.”

Source: Space.com

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