'Star Trek: Fleet Command' mobile strategy game is beaming up the entire Trek timeline

Fans of “Star Trek Fleet Command” can now play characters from every timeline in the popular science fiction franchise’s universe.

The “Star Trek” mobile game will have new content spanning series from the 1960s to the present day, from “Star Trek: The Original Series” (TOS) all the way up to the modern-day “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard,” according to developer Scopely and ViacomCBS Consumer Products.

This will be a substantial expansion for the game’s previous iteration, which focused on the three most recent “Star Trek” films (which ran between 2009 and 2016) and their exploration of the “Kelvin timeline.” The movies had an alternate set of events for Captain James T. Kirk and his TOS crew from the traditional “Star Trek” universe explored in the television series. 

Further, the companies say this is the first mobile game to ever capture the entire Trek universe.

“The infusion of new content adds a robust slate of storylines, characters, ships, and more to be integrated into the top-grossing [massively multiplayer online] MMO/strategy game, which, until now, has exclusively featured the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ and characters from the … cinematic ‘Star Trek’ universe,” the release stated.

The game launched in November 2018, and officials said it has a strong fan base, with users jumping in for several hours a day and about 75 percent of players visiting seven days a week. The game allows players to take several approaches, ranging between battling other gamers, mining resources, building Starfleet ships or doing other activities.

“Star Trek is a multi-generational franchise that continues to generate new iterations to meet the needs of its ever-growing loyal and passionate fan base,” Pam Kaufman, president of ViacomCBS’ global consumer products, added in the release. “With this first-of-its-kind partnership, we are able to harness the combined power of the beloved brand to give gamers a unique opportunity to create their own new adventures.”

“Star Trek Fleet Command” is co-published by Scopely and Digit (a Scopely studio) and is available as a free download for Android on Google Play and for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Source: Space.com

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