Build your own moon base and explore the lunar surface in 'Moonshot' (video)

The moon is hard.

Citing safety concerns and developmental issues still being finalized, NASA announced on Jan. 9 that its crewed Artemis 2 round-the-moon mission would be pushed back from November 2024 to September 2025, and consequently its historic Artemis 3 moon landing endeavor would also be delayed until September 2026.

But that actually works out just fine for Poland-based video game designers Bearded Brothers and their upcoming lunar simulation game, “Moonshot,” as their team of artists and designers are putting the finishing touches on this reality-centered release due out in 2025 to perfectly time with NASA’s Artemis 2 liftoff.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Embark on an unprecedented journey in ‘Moonshot,’ a game that masterfully blends survival and tycoon elements within the thrilling setting of space colonization. Set in the year 2027, where private global entities have ignited a new space race for resource acquisition, you are at the forefront of this interstellar venture.

“Your Mission: Begin by constructing your very own rocket, assembling a skilled team, and making history as the first astronaut to set foot on the Moon since 1972. What will you encounter in this alien landscape? How will you adapt to the hostile environment that awaits?

“‘Moonshot’s’ Realism: Experience space exploration in the near future, where the technology is grounded in today’s reality or in advanced prototype stages. Forget star gates or teleportation – this is a journey akin to what real astronauts will soon undertake (hopefully)!”

This simulation-based adventure showcases the very latest developments in aerospace design and applicable hardware involved in NASA taking four astronauts to the moon and back as early as 2025 and 2026. Right now, “Moonshot” is destined to only be available for PC, but that certainly might expand to other major platforms by the time it reaches the marketplace and the world goes moon crazy!


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Check out some of “Moonshot’s” unique features:

Grounded in Science: Unlike typical sci-fi narratives, Moonshot is meticulously crafted and based on the current level of scientific knowledge, offering a realistic and educative experience.

Survival Meets Tycoon: A unique blend of survival challenges and tycoon-style base building set on the lunar landscape.

Resource Management and Adaptation: Players face the real challenges of space – from oxygen management to adapting to lunar conditions.

Collaborative Exploration: Players can join forces to build the ultimate Moon colony and even prepare for a Mars expedition!

Bearded Brothers Games’ “Moonshot” launches in 2025.


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